Wren Natural


Nature is awesome, and feeling great as a benefit of natural products is even better. Wren Natural is a standout cause and we were so amazingly stoked to lead the founders through a 6-month process of total strategic re-branding including websites, photos, packaging, videos, and marketing materials.

The Need

The founders of Wren Natural came to us with a unique challenge: how do we make natural skincare products, well, sexy? They had established incredible formulas, exceptional scents, a customer base through Etsy, and… well, limited “punch” in the design and marketing department. They were looking for the complete package: a new brand look and feel that could be a direct response to their consumer’s desires. 

This would mean a new name (!), logo, colors, fonts, website, package design, social media, videos, and a new way of thinking – complete with messaging platform and actionable goals. They wanted to take their awesome idea to the next level, and we were stoked they chose us to make it happen.

How We Responded

Over the course of six months and fifteen in-person brainstorm and strategy meetings, we lead the founders through a complete process of brand transformation

  • Name, Logo, and Standards: We renamed the company as part of our process, created multiple logos, and established a unified brand standard to use used across all platforms.
  • Packaging and Labels: We designed and printed 15 new labels using the new standards for every Wren Natural product.
  • Photography: We orchestrated three unique photoshoots for both product photography and additional content to be used in marketing collateral – including a two-day lifestyle shoot in Phoenix, AZ. 
  • Website: We developed a custom Shopify experience to engage customers and provide a stable platform for e-commerce.
  • Print Collateral: We designed a printed catalog and lookbook for Wren Natural using beautiful images balanced with copy written in-house.


What We Created

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