Together in Mission

Full Campaign Strategy and Execution

Re-focus the Archdiocesan annual appeal on stories, potential, and hope - and raise a record amount for mission while launching a capital campaign.


The Archdiocese of Los Angeles 

The Problem

The annual appeal was becoming, well, annual. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when the Archdiocese posed the challenge of growing the campaign with young families and new donors we knew something had to change. And on top of that, the new $500m capital campaign had launched just 6 months prior. Big communications and stewardship challenge!

The Solution

We created strategic distinction – clearly outlining the annual appeal’s beneficiaries while injecting a bold and fresh look on every aspect of the effort. Instead of the standard “bishop appeal” video, we crafted a mixed-media approach that focused on rich imagery, stories,  joy, and hope with just a few seconds of the boss at the end to ground the message.

The Results

The campaign exceeded the $17m goal, even when many folks prepared for an imminent downturn with the capital campaign looming. The campaign was widely praised by parishioners and clergy alike, and new donor households grew as a result. 


Strategic planning, scriptwriting, production management, filming, editing, graphic design, print design, and digital campaign release.

Secret Sauce

Audience – First Approach: We zeroed in on the new donors we wanted to reach, created dynamic personas, and executed the campaign.

Big Thanks

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles Digital Team, especially the leadership of Liz Saroki. The Development Office at the Archdiocese, especially Dee Smith and Francis Broderick.

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