Together Go Forth

Capital Campaign Marketing Strategy + Film

Launch an ambitious $100 million capital campaign for the Diocese of Phoenix.


The Diocese of Phoenix

The Problem

Raising money is always a means to an end. In some cases, that end is an endowment or a new building. In other cases, and in Phoenix, the end was the launch of an incredible movement focused on making disciples and evangelizing communities. The challenge is convincing the public (and pastors) to support (financially and spiritually) the greater effort instead of writing off the project as merely a fundraiser. 

The Solution

We crafted a simple yet intentional campaign that focused on the most important question: why now. Leading with Bishop Olmsted’s powerful words through the launch video and into nearly a dozen recorded story videos, the campaign highlighted the opportunity at hand for the Spirit to work in a powerful way in thousands of people’s lives.

Watch a Sample of the Videos 

The Results

Through the hard work of the Office of Mission Advancement and the clear messaging around the campaign, the Diocese was incredibly blessed to exceed their goal by nearly 25% – funds that will be used to continue powerful ministry for years to come.


Strategic planning, strategy, scriptwriting, production, graphic design, print design. 

Secret Sauce

Straight from the Source – We worked overtime to get a truly authentic recording from the Bishop, and that set an incredible tone for the entire campaign.

Big Thanks

The Office of Mission Advancement, especially Cande de Leon, Fr. Fred Adamson, Fr. Greg Schlarb, and the entire team.

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