Imagine Sisters Movement

Who can deny the joy of religious sisters? We sure couldn’t, and we found it so contagious we decided to create a worldwide, online movement to make them known and loved.
The Need

Imagine Sisters was founded to address a need that nobody was talking about: How do we bring the authentic joy of religious sisters into a digital sphere… and how do we inspire young women to consider the call through online inspiration? The Movement was born in the basement of a Chicago apartment complex with one simple goal: expose the world to the beauty and joy of religious sisters.

Why does something like Imagine Sisters need to exist? Our research showed that habited religious sisters were no longer in schools, parishes, and in the visible sphere of most Catholic’s lives – especially young people. What better place to engage them with a dose of authenticity than online.

We know we would need high-quality media, engaging social content, an informative website, shareable videos, longer content with substance – and lots of joyful nuns. A project like this has never been dreamed of, let alone attempted – yet we said a prayer and hit the drawing board. 


How We Responded

We hit the ground running, creating a comprehensive strategy and a plan to build a force for good on social media. Over the past four years, the Avenue Creative team has dreamed and lead the charge in creating:

  • Strategy: We created a dynamic strategy of engagement points, audience personas, and action items for each unique group – a totally experimental process in this genre. We used industry-standard planning for ads, tracking, and re-engagement strategies throughout multiple channels to complete the loop from “like” to action.
  • Content: We created and managed designers in creating hundreds of content touchpoints – from social media posts, images, and unique ads on multiple platforms… all with one goal: engagement. 
  • Videos: We created nearly a dozen videos with vocation stories, testimonies, and inspiring stories complete with motion graphics and professional production.
  • Documentary: We fundraised, planned, shot, edited, and freely distributed a feature-length documentary film about religious life to the now massive online audience of Imagine Sisters. We used strategic storytelling and other cinematic elements to make a film that surprised and inspired hundreds of thousands of viewers.
  • A Movement: Through intentional planning, an actionable strategy, dozens of passionate volunteers, incredible leadership, and trusted partners, Imagine Sisters has created a movement of over 250,000 engaged audience members ready to engage with the stories and jo of religious sisters online.

What We Created

A movement of joy
Through an interactive website, multiple social media channels, and engaging content, Imagine Sisters has changed the conversation about becoming a religious sister in our world today. 
An In-depth look at Religious Life

Light of Love was designed to be a portal into the world of five religious sisters. Through authentic interviews, engaging visuals, and an inspirational tone, the film has transformed the lives of many young women who have watched… and encouraged them to enter religious life. 

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