Ground Floor Fashion


We love a good blazer, and when the team at Ground Floor Fashion inquired about a 3-day, 48 hour shoot-a-thon for a site launch, we jumped at the challenge.

The Need

Ground Floor Fashion was founded to provide skilled and down-to-earth fashion advice to the everyman. Positioned between a high fashion brand and a quick “run and gun” solution, Avenue was tasked with creating a strategic and comprehensive image set to set the bar for the site going forward. The images had to be coordinated, fashion-forward, and they needed to be completed quickly: we had a limited timeframe to complete ten unique shoots.


  • Research trends and plan shoots/environments to create compelling images to represent the brand.

How We Responded

We must have looked awfully vain at Barnes and Noble the picking up nearly a dozen fashion magazines for men, but we think it really paid off. We researched, planned, and executed multiples shoots a day to get the client exactly what they needed to launch their business. 


  • We coached our first-time model and business founder along every step of the way at each shooting location – from concepts to posing to atmospheres… a totally collaborative process
  • We shot thousands of frames, provided selects, and edited hundreds of deliverable images for the project

What We Created

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