Diocese of Phoenix

Raising money is hard, especially when it’s $100 million by the Catholic Church. People are going to be skeptical, and that’s a problem opportunity we knew we could help with. We had the great privilege to walk the campaign leadership team through creative processes including the creation of over 20 unique films and countless marketing pieces. 
The Need
The needs of the Diocese of Phoenix were twofold: on the one hand, the audience needed to understand the stats, figures, and specifics of what the campaign would fund. On the other hand, a great desire to try something different manifested itself in ever strategy meeting we facilitated. We started asking “What if we did this completely different?” and threw away the long-held “10-minute video” approach used by dozens of similar campaigns across the US.

We started asking “What if we worked through a creative process, identified important stories, and created a wave of content to permeate hearts and awaken inspiration?” 

How We Responded
We had the great privilege of working closely alongside the outstanding leadership team of the Diocese to make our innovative and largely untested ideas a reality – and the feedback was incredible from everyone who watched the finished films.


  • Planning: We researched and interviewed a total of 20 people (10 in English and 10 in Spanish) in the Diocese about their experience with the various areas that would be impacted by the campaign – without ever mentioning money or fundraising… just experience.
  • Production: We mobilized our team for a two-week filming schedule and a fast-paced editing process of about two months.
  • Final Results: We created a video for each case component, a video featuring the Bishop and the overall vision, and an inspiring Catholic School promotional piece to raise awareness.
A Central Message
The main campaign video is the centerpiece of the Together, Let Us Go Forth campaign and was shown at every Church in the Diocese, online via social media, and at donor events and receptions. It is the main communication piece for the $100m campaign. We strategically included Bishop Thomas Olmsted smiling, many young people, and simple text to engage viewers at a heart level. 
Short and Sweet
We set a goal to make each case video under 2 minutes – not an easy task when the goal is to inform and raise support. We were able to achieve our goal thanks to text placement and great stories. Here are a sample of a few of the case videos.

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