Dear Parents

Strategy & Film

Help Catholic schools stand out and big attention of LA parents on social media.


The Archdiocese of Los Angeles Department of Catholic Schools

The Problem

Have you ever watched a video that just tried to do everything in 60 seconds? No? It’s probably because these videos typically end up being 5-10 minutes long, especially when it comes to hot topics like the value of education or why you should give to a cause. Our problem was simple: create a short, punchy, and attractive video to grab attention and then lead viewers into a website for more information. No need to give stats, figures, and testimonials – just capture that precious attention and call to action.

The Solution

We took a very non-conventional approach of speaking directly to the audience with clear and catchy affirmation. Instead of listing off features and benefits (you can easily argue these away in your head), we got bold and leaned into parents’ greatness. And mixing in cute kids in there? A winning combination.

The Results

Tens of thousands of views, hundreds of social shares and comments (this is a big win), and over one hundred qualified leads for Catholic school through the website presented at the end of the video. The best results of any video ad for enrollment boosts.


Strategic planning, script writing, production management, filming, editing, and finishing of the advertisiment video.

Secret Sauce

Boldness – especially in the overall tone, music, and punchy voice-over. There were many safer options, and the risk paid off well here.

Big Thanks

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles Digital Team, especially the leadership of Christine Warner and Liz Saroki on the client side for overall strategy and mamangement. 

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